PSPP: Questionnaire Analysis – Going Beyond the Basics

This course builds on the basic building blocks of frequency tables, crosstabs and simple summary statistics. This course will examine techniques that are designed for analysing the smaller sized datasets often found when looking at questionnaire responses.

We will examine non-parametric statistical methods that are simple to use and understand but are often neglected as analyst either doesn’t know that they exist or use more traditional methods such as T-Tests and ANOVA.

Whilst these form the basic building blocks of a questionnaire analysis, more complex methods that examine data reduction, classifying and redundancy will be used to go beyond simple tables and look into multivariate relationships between the questions. This will be combined with data visualisation techniques that will allow the analyst to understand the inter-relationship between questions and responses.

Finally, we will look at basic regression (and other techniques) to build a key driver analysis view of the data.

The key techniques examined are:

  • Non-Parametric Methods
  • Factor Analysis
  • Multiple Correspondence Analysis (in conjunction with R)
  • Linear Regression

This is a practical course and you should be apple to apply the skills immediately.

It should be noted that this course will not be intelligible without a good working knowledge of PSPP and PSPP syntax as contained in Adroit’s Getting Started with PSPP course. There is some basic use of R to create output for the key driver analysis and multiple correspondence analysis, but all syntax will be supplied. No knowledge of R is required for this course.

Example Pages:

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In addition to running this course as a standalone training course, the material can be combined with your own data and run as a set of workshops.

This is a sister course to the PSPP modelling course (PSPP: Building Predictive Models).

Quote: PSPP Questionnaire Analysis:

David is an experienced, confident and highly skilled trainer and, as ever, delivered another valuable and well-communicated course.  Small group, good pace and relevant practical examples.  I have enjoyed applying what I have learnt back in the real world.  Would recommend highly.

Stuart McCoy – Insight Consultant

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