PSPP: Building Predictive Models

This course will allow the user to start building powerful predictive models, but will go beyond the modelling techniques to discuss how to, and how not to, approach building models. I have been building successful predictive models in a work environment for over 20 years and so this is a practical rather than an academic course that will allow you to build your own models and apply the skills immediately.

In addition to the theory of building models there will be practical workshop sessions where you will apply your skills to build models on data that is not used in the theory sections.

The key techniques examined are:

  • Fuzzy weighted models
  • Binary Logistic
  • Gains Curves and Analysis

It should be noted that this course will not be intelligible without a good working knowledge of PSPP and PSPP syntax as contained in Adroit’s Getting Started with PSPP course.

Example Pages:

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In addition to running this course as a standalone training course, the material can be combined with your own data and run as a set of workshops.

This is a sister course to the advanced questionnaire analysis course (PSPP: Questionnaires: Going beyond the basics).

Quote: Getting Started with PSPP and Modelling

Both courses were hugely informative, delivered in an easy to comprehend manner  and, I’m sure, what I’ve learnt will play a part (somewhere down the line!) in shaping our fundraising strategy going forward.

Alex Woodford: The Science Museum


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